Lord High Admirals is an Atlanta based pop-rock band formed by songwriter, singer and guitarist Paul Schwartz. Paul is well known for his work in the popular 90s band Big Fish Ensemble. He is a versatile songwriter with subject matter ranging from weeds to politics. Musically the band's sound reflects this eclecticism as they careen from full out rockers to sparse sorrowful ballads.....

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Jason Shannon is a professional composer, orchestrator and producer and is co-owner of Tunewelders, a custom music production company based in Atlanta.  When left to his own devices, his sound is an eclectic multi-dimensional mix which incorporates elements of folk, electronic, experimental, orchestral and world music...

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Jimmy Galloway has played music most of his life. Being influenced early on by Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler, he was drawn to fingerstyle guitar. He toured the Southeast playing clubs, festivals and colleges after graduating from UNC-Asheville with a Music degree in Recording....

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Born out of weekly front porch jams in Grant Park ten years ago, the Front Porch Session Players have aged like good bourbon. A platoon of players has come and gone, but the mission remains the same: to provide good, original rock and roll in the mode of the Stones, the Faces, and The Band, and to see to it that everyone within hearing has a good time, every time.

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The Justin Sams Band is about the music, purely and simply. Blessed with two principal songwriters, two skilled finger-picking string players and a drummer with a fine touch, The Justin Sams Band delivers original songs that speak to the hearts and souls of their listeners. Since their inception the 4 members of the Justin Sams Band have been focused on the hard work of building the style and content of their music with care and love.   Each song tells a story and hopefully will strike an emotional chord with you as you listen...

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Brand new duo The Ormewoods are Grammy winning producer/engineer/musician Don McCollister and Atlanta Intown Songwriter founder and independent radio favorite Claire Pearson. Longtime friends, Don and Claire did not start writing and performing together until Don moved down the street from Claire in Ormewood Park, Atlanta, GA....

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