Food Vendor Rules & Policies



The 2019 Ormewood Park Makers Festival is the third annual showcase of creative talent throughout the South. The Festival will feature an eclectic array of art and handcrafted goods, with an emphasis on “the Makers” of handcrafted goods sharing their talents in a workshop-type atmosphere. There will also be a variety of food vendors, Eventide beer, and local music!


Food vendors must be set up and remain open during all exhibit hours – Saturday, March 23rd, 2019, 11am – 6pm.


All food vendors with a valid certificate of liability/proof of insurance are welcome.


To be considered for the 2019 Ormewood Park Makers Festival, please complete the online application in full. This includes submission of your food vendor fee ($150 for food trucks, $100 for carts/tents). Incomplete applications will not be considered. Your fee will be returned if you are not selected.


Payment should be made at the time of application for the Ormewood Park Makers Festival. Your payment will be refunded if you are not selected.


Included in your festival fee is space and at least one promotion on the Ormewood Park Makers Festival Facebook and Instagram social media outlets. It is each vendor’s responsibility to furnish your own tent, table, and chairs.


Once accepted, you give Ormewood Park Makers Festival permission to use photos submitted in your application for the festival’s promotional purposes, both online and in print. Credit for photos will be given to the owner.


Vendors will receive information regarding load in and set up 2 weeks prior to the festival. Vendors that fail to abide by load in schedule and deadline may risk forfeiture of Artist Market space. In the event of late shows, Ormewood Park Makers Festival will not be obligated to refund event space fee.


All vendors of Ormewood Park Makers Festival must adhere to the following rules and regulations necessary for the proper conduct of a safe, clean, well regulated, and attractive festival.

  • Vendors are expected to furnish their own tent, tables, chairs and in-tent lighting.

  • Space is limited to vendors who have a valid certificate of liability/proof of insurance.

  • The Ormewood Park Makers Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse space if the product or service is not consistent with the character of the event.

  • All exhibits must be designed, constructed and operated in good taste with the best interest of the event and public safety. The Festival reserves the right to prohibit or restrict exhibits that because of noise, method of operation, materials or any other reason become objectionable. In the event that restriction occurs, the Festival will not refund the Vendor fees or other expenses. Carnival tactics, the use of public address systems or other similar activities by the Vendor shall not be allowed.

  • Vendors may not sublease any part of their space or participate in any third-party advertising or third party promotions or display third party signage at their booths.

  • Decorations may not be nailed, taped, tacked or otherwise fastened to neighborhood infrastructure, trees, or fixtures.

  • Distribution of flyers, brochures or any advertising marketing materials must be confined to the exhibit area. Advertising and promotional materials may not be displayed in walk paths or common areas. Promotional materials or signage may not be affixed to any structure, tree, neighborhood signage or infrastructure.

  • Vendors are responsible for maintaining acceptable standards of sanitation within their space and for disposing of trash into designated trash receptacles. Vendors are responsible for cleaning their designated area of all debris at the event’s conclusion.


Through submission of application materials and signing this Agreement, Vendor agrees to hold Ormewood Park Festival, its Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and the City of Atlanta harmless for any and all losses, expenses, demands and claims against the Festival sustained or alleged to have been in any way related to the Ormewood Park Festival. Vendor also agrees and acknowledges that the Ormewood Park Festival, its Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and the City of Atlanta are not responsible in any way for any personal injury, illness, property damage or loss of property that may occur during the 2019 Ormewood Park Makers Festival. Vendor agrees, acknowledges and further certifies that the Vendor and Vendor’s property, equipment and vehicles are properly insured for any and all loses incurred and or damages caused by Vendor or any party. Incorporation and Modification – This document includes all components of the agreement of the parties and is fully incorporated herein. The Application materials provided by the vendor to Ormewood Park Festival shall be incorporated herein by reference. No other promises made prior to the execution of this agreement have been omitted from this document. The parties may mutually agree to modify this agreement; however such modification shall only be binding upon the parties by signed written agreement. No oral modification or agreement outside the scope of this agreement shall be binding upon either party. No Agency, Partnership or Joint Venture Created – This Vendor is an independent operator and through this agreement no agency, partnership or joint venture relationship is created by the Ormewood Park Festival. The Vendor, its owners, employees or other agents shall not represent themselves as representatives of the Ormewood Park Festival. Vendor shall not enter into any contract or other agreement which would cause the Ormewood Park Festival to be liable in any way with any other party, including but not limited to, manufacturers, Vendors, or other suppliers, etc. Vendor shall hold the Ormewood Park Festival harmless from any cost or liability it may incur with the production of merchandise.


The Ormewood Park Festival is an outdoor rain or shine event. Ormewood Park Festival makes no representation or guarantees regarding actual festival attendance, nor make any representation of potential financial success or failure. The Vendor agrees that in the event of acts of God, storms, floods, high winds, gales or hurricanes that neither the Festival nor any of its employees or agents shall not be responsible for loss, damage, third party damages, claims or loss to property, persons or vessels. It is the Event Management’s sole and absolute discretion to order an evacuation of the Event, or to take necessary steps to protect public health and property in the event of an act of God, hurricane, or the issuance of a severe weather warning for Atlanta or its environs by the National Weather Service. OP shall have no liability whatsoever for damage, of any nature, to any person, matter, or thing resulting from storm wind or water, or other acts of God, or imminent threat thereof, nor from fire, strikes or lockouts.


With the completion of your application, you acknowledge receipt of and acceptance of the  Vendor Rules and Policies as contained in this application.