The Trolley Patrol

trolley patrol.png

Driving through Ormewood Park and the surrounding neighborhoods, you’ll likely spot Trolley Patrol signs dotting neighborhood lawns. The signs aren’t just gratuitous yard art. They are a symbol of neighbors actively working together to create the community they want to live in.

The Trolley Patrol is a volunteer-run security organization serving Ormewood Park, North Ormewood Park, Glenwood Park, Woodland Hills, Boulevard Heights, Benteen Park and McDonough-Guice. It’s a simple premise with significant impact: neighbors ban together to create a membership, fee-based organization that hires off-duty Atlanta police officers to patrol the neighborhood. But the Trolley Patrol is much more than a security organization: it is a sign of community strength and a commitment to ensure that our neighborhoods continue to thrive.

The Trolley Patrol service area covers approximately 3,000 homes. But, currently, only about 10% of those homes are Trolley Patrol members. Membership commitments from more residents in the service area would infuse the Trolley Patrol with new ideas, fresh sources of funding, and more volunteers—all of which will strengthen the Trolley Patrol and our neighborhoods.

If you live in the Trolley Patrol Service area and have been searching for a way to invest in the community, consider volunteering for one of the available Coordinator positions:

Membership Coordinator Operating Coordinator Fundraising Coordinator Communications Coordinator These positions require a small amount of time (typically 3-5 hours per month), but each position has a direct, positive impact on our neighborhoods.

We are stronger together. Our neighborhoods deserve your commitment so that they can continue to thrive. Email Greg Swartzberg at to find out more about becoming a Trolley Patrol member or volunteering with the Trolley Patrol.