Pellerin Real Estate


An Interview with Philippe Pellerin of Pellerin Real Estate:

When I was looking at your website, I noticed that you’ve done some pretty big projects in the Ormewood Park/Grant Park area. What makes this area a desirable place for commercial real estate?

When I moved to Southeast Atlanta in 2007, I saw the need for commercial development first hand. When I started Pellerin Real Estate in 2011, I decided to form the business model around creating space for businesses I would like to frequent. Southeast Atlanta has seen very little development over the past 50 years. The latest surge in development is still north of many Southeast Atlanta communities. This indicates that other developers are either ignoring or discounting the spending power in Southeast Atlanta. Our projects strive to fill that void with businesses and spaces that cater to our community.

Coming out of the Great Recession, Southeast Atlanta has seen a surge in population, adding more professionals, artists, and artisans, as well as more boutique-oriented consumers. As we developed our business model, we chose not to focus on large, chain retail and dining, opting instead to cater to local business. And we’ve found this squares nicely with the demands of our new neighbors.

There’s a lot of commercial development going on in and around Grant Park/Ormewood Park. Why should the community welcome Pellerin Real Estate as a partner? What do your properties add to the area?

All our projects result from recognizing opportunities in vacant or under-managed properties. Creating vibrant spaces from former eye-sores brings both aesthetic and economic value to the community. Because our principals live in Grant Park and Ormewood Park, and frequent our tenants’ businesses, we have a heightened interest in our properties. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism, good-taste and individuality because we have a vested interest in the neighborhood—we live here, too. Most of our tenants have filled niches that simply were not served: Lark & Sparrow, Balanced Fit Life, Highland Yoga, and the Neighborhood Ballet to name a few.

Why do you think it is important for businesses to support the communities they operate in?

Business is an integral part to any successful community. And businesses thrive when the community is thriving. By sponsoring local events, like the Ormewood Park Meet the Makers Festival, businesses take a hands-on role in raising awareness about the community—which improves quality of life and public safety. We are proud that many of our business owners live within blocks of their workplace. When the landlord, the tenant and the customer are all neighbors, we create a united front, which fosters stability and increases the likelihood for success all around.

Bonus Question for Pellerin Real Estate: If Ormewood Park were an animal, what would it be and why?

The Urban Creek Beaver, a species native to the neighborhood.