Partners Marketing Group

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Partners Marketing Group is an integrated marketing agency that helps small businesses accelerate growth and reach new customers. Established in 2001 in Atlanta, Partners has catapulted hundreds of Georgia businesses forward through innovative branding programs, optimized web sites and cost-effective digital marketing tactics, including SEO, display advertising and social media marketing.

At the helm of Partners Marketing Group is President Jamie Martin. Jamie has lived in Ormewood Park since 2001. He moved to Ormewood Park seeking refuge from the quickly rising rent in Candler Park. When he first discovered Ormewood Park, he was drawn to this relatively unknown enclave of nice homes that still had all the benefits of living intown. Now, the once undiscovered quaint little neighborhood has been, well, discovered. Over time, Jamie has seen the number of families with kids in Ormewood Park grow—a lot. Now, there are plenty of good neighborhood schools, and Ormewood Park has become known as a great intown location to raise a family.

Not one for sitting back and being a wallflower, Jamie wasn’t content to simply reside in Ormewood Park. He dove in to being a contributing part of the community. In fact, he ran the Trolley Patrol for 8 years. And, as he tells it, Ormewood Park has always had quite a sense of community: back 8 to 10 years ago, the neighborhood would host block parties where neighbors wander through the neighborhood, mingle and drink. But over the years, that tradition died off. Then, two years ago, the Annual Porch Crawl surfaced. And the idea of a festival has been brewing for a while, too. It’s this sense of community and the cohesiveness of the neighborhood that’s prompted Jamie to stay here for over 15 years. Although he’s toyed with the idea of relocating a few times over the years, ultimately he stays in Ormewood Park because of his amazing neighbors.

One more thing about Jamie: he is really into Atlanta Festivals. He’s a member of the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons. He (and his Krewe) march in the Inman Park Parade and the L5P Halloween Parade. And they’re the driving force behind the Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade. So, when it came time for Ormewood Park to get invested in the festival scene, Jamie was glad to see it happen and eager to support this effort to celebrate his neighborhood.

Bonus Question for Jamie: If Ormewood Park were an ice cream flavor, what would it be? Rocky Road—its got a diverse make-up, with a few nuts, but generally it’s pretty sweet.