My Friend's Growler Shop


First things first: for those who aren’t quite sure what a growler is, we’ll begin with a definition. A growler is a container that may be filled with draft beer, then sealed for consumption at a later time. Growlers make fresh draft beer portable and easy to enjoy wherever you may roam. Why would this be important? Glad you asked: many craft beers never make it into cans or bottles. They are draft only releases. Before the advent of growlers, the only way to enjoy those beers was by going to a bar or restaurant. Now folks can support outstanding breweries any time, any place.

Owners of My Friend’s Growler Shop, Camric Shultz & Hunter Kent, are dedicated to helping folks in Southeast Atlanta enjoy unique craft beers on their own timetable. Both Hunter & Camric grew up in Atlanta (and the surrounding areas) and attended Valdosta State University (VSU). That’s where they met and hatched a plan to turn two business degrees into a entrepreneurship involving, of all things, growlers. At VSU, Hunter introduced Camric to craft beer. Apparently, Hunter’s homebrew was life-changing. Camric had once sip and was so blown away that he bought his own brew system. They haven’t turned back since. They moved home to the Atlanta area in 2010 and invested their time over the next few years in traveling the world searching for amazing beer and equally amazing travel experiences.

Setting up shop in Southeast Atlanta just felt right to Camric & Hunter. They love the tight knit community feel—and the fact that they are still right in the heart of Atlanta. And they don’t believe that small town vibe exists anywhere else in Atlanta. It took them almost a year and a half to get approved to open in their current location, but they believe the struggle was well worth it. Their original business plan (crafted in 2012) set a goal of not just being a business operating in the community but building a business that would become part of the community. They are still very passionate about that goal, which is one of the reasons they leapt at the chance to sponsor the Ormewood Park Meet the Makers Festival. And they heard there might be some Eventide beer for sale at the festival… so that was a good motivator, too.

Bonus Question for Camric & Hunter:

If you were going to make a beer specifically for Ormewood Park, what would you call it and why?

“Porch Sitting Porter would be the name of our beer. We love the architecture in Ormewood Park and surrounding neighborhoods, especially the large streetside porches where neighbors can come together and visit. Interactions like that reflect exactly what we love about the sense of community in this area. Street side porches provide a real opportunity to be in tune with your street/neighborhood/community. And what better way to get to know your neighbors than over a good sipping beer?”