Intown Pediatrics


Q & A with Dr. Deneta Sells, Intown Pediatrics

Dr. Sells, your practice enjoys immense popularity with families in the neighborhood. Why did you originally choose to locate your practice in Southeast Atlanta?

I knew there was a need. I had been living in Candler Park for 3 years during residency, and my neighbors told me they were unhappy driving to Decatur or Buckhead. I didn't want to drive across town, either!

How does Intown differ from other pediatric offices? What do you hope folks say about Intown Pediatrics?

I believe we have an emphasis on quality care, in a beautiful office with great customer service. I hope our families say we take excellent care of them. That they can tell we care about them by how well we care for them.

What changes have you seen in the neighborhood since your practice opened?

Wow! There has been so much development. It's amazing. Great new restaurants, the Kro-bar! But I am most excited to see the incredible support of our neighborhood schools. Eleven years ago, Parkside was just getting some recognition for the good they were doing for our kids. Now, it's amazing to see the transformation at Maynard Jackson and King.

Why was it important to you to offer support to the Ormewood Park Meet the Makers Festival?

I love supporting our community. Belonging to a neighborhood means supporting it financially, as well. The community has just embraced our practice, and it's good to give back.

Bonus Question for Dr. Sells: If Ormewood Park were a lollipop flavor (I'm thinking Dum-Dums here), what flavor would it be and why?

Definitely fruit punch, reflecting the beautiful diversity of the neighborhood.