The Ormewoods


Brand new duo The Ormewoods are Grammy winning producer/engineer/musician Don McCollister and Atlanta Intown Songwriter founder and independent radio favorite Claire Pearson. Longtime friends, Don and Claire did not start writing and performing together until Don moved down the street from Claire in Ormewood Park, Atlanta, GA....hence their name The Ormewoods. Their friendship quickly turned into a romance (which is still continuing).

Their music is described as "sexy folk pop country" and their first album "The Bedroom Sessions" is currently in production. The project is a result of songs Claire wrote detailing the first 90 days of their reconnection. They decided the best way to capture the intimate nature of the songs was to turn Claire's bedroom into a recording studio. Don set up his recording gear and the album was recorded over a series of "bedroom sessions". #heybabe can be heard here on ReverbNation.

They are passionate about supporting local causes with music, building and strengthening the Atlanta music community, and both continue to collaborate with other artists. Don plays bass and produces the Smokin' Novas and Claire writes and performs as #thedaffodils with longtime co-writer and former Nashville recording artist Heidi Higgins. While each has an active fan base individually, they are beginning to build one as a duo. Please follow on Twitter @TheOrmewoods and check their ReverbNation page frequently for show updates and news!