Justin Sams Band


The Justin Sams Band is about the music, purely and simply. Blessed with two principal songwriters, two skilled finger-picking string players and a drummer with a fine touch, The Justin Sams Band delivers original songs that speak to the hearts and souls of their listeners.Since their inception the 4 members of the Justin Sams Band have been focused on the hard work of building the style and content of their music with care and love. Each song tells a story and hopefully will strike an emotional chord with you as you listen.

Lindsay Petsch (guitjo (banjo), acoustic and electric guitars, vocals) With the extreme good fortune of having two supportive, musically talented parents, Lindsay began learning piano and then guitar at a young age. As one of two principal songwriters in the band and a long time solo performer, Lindsay brings a wealth of performance and songwriting experience to JSB.

Tom Spach (bass, vocals) Music is so embedded in Tom's DNA that he used to sing himself to sleep every night before he could even walk. Before becoming a live performing musician Tom wrote and recorded music for all the major theaters in Atlanta as well as for regional, national and international productions, award-winning feature-length fine arts videos, television and radio commercials, and corporate media. Tom is the other principal songwriter for JSB.

Jason Maynard (acoustic and electric guitars, vocals) Jason honed his fine picking skills over a long time. And he has benefited from the guidance and instruction of guitar master Jorma Kaukonen at Jorma's Fur Peace Ranch in Ohio. Jason is a firm believer in the musicians adage: "you cannot own too many guitars."

Matt (the cat) Watkins (drums, percussion, vocals) Matt is a sought after drummer, appreciated for his delicate touch and tasteful percussion work. Before coming to JSB, Matt played in several ensembles in Atlanta.

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