Event Poster Traditional Flat Frames

Event Poster Traditional Flat Frames


Before the 18th century, in the United States, longleaf pine forests, covered approximately 30-60 million acres along the coastal plain from Virginia’s southern tip to eastern Texas. These pine trees, 80 to 120 feet tall, require 100 to 150 years to become full size and can live up to 500 years. Many of these trees were reportedly up to four feet in diameter. Due to deforestation and over-harvesting since colonial days, only about 3% of the original Longleaf Pine forest remains.

Many of the older homes in the Ormewood Park neighborhood, as well as many other neighborhoods in Atlanta, were built from the lumber culled from these trees. Ormewood Park resident Jeff Heun, has built these frames from reclaimed lumber he salvaged from his home on Essie Ave.  Many of the pieces still have remnants of the original paint or the circle saw marks from the sawmill.

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