Essential Oil Making Workshop

Essential Oil Making Workshop


11:00AM - Hosted by Laura Keys

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Wonder what all the fuss is about essential oils? Want to learn a little about how to use them in your daily life? Come to the "Oils We Use" Make and Take Workshop to create either an essential oil rollerball or sugar scrub. Participants can ask questions and find solutions! Learn about the difference in essential oils (similar to the difference in olive oils!), how EOs work on the cellular level, how certain oils can help change your mood, and how using essential oils on a regular bases can improve your health and lower your healthcare bills. You will hear personal stories about some of the oils features in the recipe blends.

·       Duration Of Workshop: 45 minutes

·       Materials provided: rollerballs, jars, carrier oils, essential oils, labels, handouts, towels, droppers, sugar

About the instructor: Laura Keys Moreno is a newcomer to the Ormewood Park neighborhood. She is newly married to longtime resident Francisco Moreno, is a former Waldorf teacher at the Waldorf School of Atlanta, and is a local storyteller with the Southern Order of Storytellers. She loves to weave funny stories throughout her new career as a Reiki Master/ Essential Oils Wellness Advocate. She has been an essential oil believer for the past six years after her first encounter with geranium oil. It calmed her anxieties as she was transitioning through a difficult time in her life. Laura loves her new career because it allows her to help others learn how they can heal themselves.