Emily LeVan

Hello! I have been using essential oils and making products with them for most of my life. It started as an hobby when I was younger growing flowers and making my own perfume. Now it's a natural healthcare lifestyle for my family that keeps us happy and healthy!

In the past few years, I've become a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA as quality became critically important. You can buy essential oils almost anywhere now but that doesn't mean they are all made the same! My hope is to help educate people on the different types of oils and how to use them. I want to create a community of healers; a community of women empowered to heal.

I live in East Atlanta Village and have taught classes around the area and I'm always looking for more opportunities to share these tools. I am Reiki certified and also incorporate crystals and gemstones into my products. The products we will be making are all natural, organic and safe products for all ages.

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