Luna Leigh Arts

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Hello, I'm Tori! I'm a self-taught painter based in Atlanta. Though I've made art my whole life, I fell in love with painting in 2014. I dove into my creative journey in 2016, creating Luna Leigh Arts to honor my passion and intuition through the creative process. I believe we are fortunate to be part of Earth’s history, and painting is my way of honoring my time here.

With a background in Psychology, I'm fascinated with art therapy, mindfulness, and the connection between well-being and the creative process. I learn about myself and my place in the world through creating, falling into a meditative state while I paint and finding a flow where nothing exists but me and my art. Inspired by nature, animals, women, connectedness, energy, and vibrant colors, I create my paintings to radiate positivity. My hope is that the positive energy I infuse into my work will transport the viewers to a place of inspirational wonder-- sparking their imaginations to see the magic and beauty of our world.

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