Tim Gaddis - In Demand Cheese & Specialty Sales

Tim “The Cheese Man” Gaddis was “Atlanta’s Cheesemonger” for over a decade before becoming Director of Operations for Many Fold Farm in May of 2013, when he became responsible for overseeing the daily operations and inventory of the creamery at Many Fold, and for managing all nationwide wholesale cheese sales and retail sales in the “The Rico Room”, the on-farm store. When Many Fold closed its doors in December, 2016, Tim opened In Demand Cheese & Specialty Sales, LLC (“In Demand”) in order to provide sales representation to small American artisan cheese makers and specialty food producers. Tim ‘s reasons for wanting to start this company is his passion for cheese. “I have long been an advocate for small American cheese makers and food producers for many years and I am excited to step forward to the next level and help small producers tell their story.”

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