12:00 PM

Learn to brew delicious beer at home, using modern brewing techniques and without breaking the bank. Attendees will learn about the basics of brewing science / the brewing process, recipe development and world beer styles in an easy-to-understand format. Impress your family and friends with a skill you never knew you had. One lucky attendee will win a beginner's brew kit to make a gallon of their own beer at home! If you can follow a recipe, you can brew beer!


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Learn Woodworking Basics

Brice Blocker, A Rightful Manner Studio

9:00 AM

This course will focus on an introduction to the basics of woodworking and furniture building with a focus on basic use of hand tools throughout the process.  The goal of this course will be to De-mystify the woodworking and furniture building process and inspire attendees to take on projects or pursue skills originally thought to be out of reach.

Topics covered will include the design process, milling process, joinery basics, construction, and finishing basics.   While this is not a hands on workshop, basic hand tool techniques will be demonstrated and students will have an opportunity to experience tools that they may not have exposure to before.


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Make Desktop Tiny Garden

Karen Anderson, Tiny Doors Atlanta


11:00 AM

1:00 PM

Create your own Desktop Tiny Garden with Karen Anderson.  Your miniature living garden will include moss, succulents, some fun mini-things...all in a cool container for your kitchen, patio or office!



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Make and Bind Paper Journal

Ayana Reddick

11:30 AM

In this workshop you will learn to bind your own journals out of pretty paper. Bring a photo to put on the front, if you'd like! Also, we will discuss some journaling tips and techniques to get the most out of your journal. You will take home a 3 signature journal as well as the awl so that you can make your own journals at home!


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Learn Letterpress Printing

Meghan Paine, IronHeart Workshops

12:30 PM

Students will learn the basics of letterpress printing, from some light print history, to various print forms including setting and printing with lead type, wood blocks, and photopolymer. Workshop will also cover lock-up, make-ready, and cleaning. Students will print their own small print on a fully restored Adana tabletop press.


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Make Essential Oils

Emily LeVan, River Rose Botanicals

1:30 PM

Whether you are new to essential oils or a seasoned mixer, this class is a great overview of essential oils and how to use them. We will review some basic methods of use and then make some easy products for you to take home. Essential oils are a great natural alternative healthcare option to use for you and your family. When used properly, they are safe, cost effective and incredibly fast-acting. For this class, you will have the option to make a roller bottle and body scrub. Each product will come with take home instructions and additional blends to keep your creativity going. A variety of blends/recipes will be available and you will definitely find one that fits your needs and tastes. Come learn how to make an easy home product and leave feeling- and smelling- divine!

from $10-$12

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Create Personalized Scavenger Hunt

Jay Carlson, ClueTown Books

2:00 PM

Creating a scavenger hunt is a fun activity but can be logistically cumbersome for many. Attendees of this workshop will assemble and personalize a puzzle scavenger hunt for their home to be solved by a friend or loved one. The puzzle pages are pre-designed, but you choose the order. to send a solver to a series of common household items (e.g. refrigerator, towel rack) with an endpoint that allows a personalized puzzle/message. The final product you take home will contain about 12 puzzles and require about 20 minutes to solve. It's a great opportunity to provide someone with a memorable birthday, anniversary, or Mother's/Father's Day. Adults and children ages 12 and up are welcome to register for the class. Families are encouraged to register for this class together -- it's a great class for kids with adult supervision.  One class registration covers a family!


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Learn Basic Pickling Techniques

Becky Striepe, Glue and Glitter

2:00 PM

Freestyle refrigerator pickling! We'll start by talking about the basics of making different types of quick pickles, then dive in as a group to come up with our own, original pickle recipe.


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Learn Cupcake Decoration

Cherita Kempson, Endulge Cupcakes

4:00 PM

Come and join us for an awesome cupcake decorating class with world-class cupcake designers! You will get the opportunity to learn several piping techniques, make colored frosting, decorate with delicious toppings and even customize your to go box. You will leave this class ready to be on any cupcake decorating show!


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Learn Chicken Cooping

Kari Lovell, ANCS Farms

11:00 AM

Meet the chickens at ANCS Farm and learn how to care for them. Then take a tour of the farm with Farmer Dave, Mrs. Lovell and our students. Also, make wildflower seed bombs.

$1 to reserve spot. Donations accepted. All proceeds go toward Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School.

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Learn Basics In Birding

Joy Carter, Atlanta Audubon Society

8:00 AM

Join Atlanta Audubon member Joy Carter for a guided field trip to Constitution Lakes, a DeKalb County Nature Preserve. We will explore the remains of the South River Brick Company and the lakes that formed where they mined clay, looking for waterfowl, river otters, and shorebirds. Migratory winter resident birds should still be here and we might have a few early summer migrants, along with year-round residents such as Wood Ducks and Pileated Woodpeckers. Near the lakes is the Doll's Head Trail, a found object art display that is constantly changing as people add their own work to it. We'll make a complete loop around the lakes, seeing a variety of habitats and birds.

$10. All proceeds benefit Atlanta Audubon Society.

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Create a Home For Birds

Joy Carter, Atlanta Audubon Society

1:00 PM

Want to attract birds to your yard? You can build a nest box to hang, supplying birds with one of the three things they need- water, shelter, and a place to raise their young. In this workshop, we'll build a nest box that can accommodate small birds like Carolina Wrens, White-breasted or Brown-headed Nuthatches, or larger birds like Eastern Bluebirds- the only difference is the size of the entrance hole.

$30. All proceeds benefit Atlanta Audubon Society.

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Wine Tasting 101

Ian Smith, Winesmith Company

4:00 PM

Wine Tasting 101, or How to Look Like You Know What You Are Doing at a Fancy Wine Tasting by Ian Smith, Jr.,CSW. Practical and fun tasting tips for everyone from beginners to those with a highly developed palate. Learn how to slow down and really use your senses to look at, smell, and taste wine. Visualize, isolate and identify flavors and textures in a distinctly non pretentious atmosphere. Shorts and flip flops are encouraged. Includes tasting notes and descriptions of six wines.


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Learn Indigo Dyeing

Shannon Mulkey Green and Christy Patterson, Indie Craft Experience

1:00 PM

Learn the twists and folds of Shibori, a Japanese dyeing technique. You will be introduced to various techniques for creating resists, which produce different patterns on fabric during the dye process. Then you will dye each item in a vat of indigo. Two tea towels will be provided, and students can bring additional items to dye as well.


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Create a Custom Felt Banner

Carey Hall, MomBoobs Crafts

10:00 AM

You'll get to create your own felt letter banner! Depending on how many letters you choose, your banner with be approximately 8"-16" long. You can add as much yarn length for hanging as you want. Each felt letter is 1".


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Children's Mandala Workshop

Tori Price, Luna Leigh Arts

4:00 PM

Children ages 5 and up will spend a fun, relaxing hour learning about mandalas! After a quick breathing and stretching session, children will create their own mandalas with pastels and paint. They will take home their own mindful creations, reminding them of peace, balance, and unity.


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Wine Pairing Workshop

Tim Gaddis, In Demand Cheese and Sarah Pierre, Three Parks Wine

cheese and wine pairing class.jpg

12:00 PM

Join Sarah Pierre of Three Parks Wine in Glenwood, and Tim Gaddis, ACS CCP of In Demand Cheese, as they lead a culinary adventure pairing wines and cheese for today’s tastes. Be prepared to sample five cheeses Tim has chosen from among the most interesting in the marketplace, paired with four wines Sarah has deemed good matches. An interesting afternoon for both wine aficionados and those new to the art of pairing!


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Kids Wanna Rock! Guitar Workshop

David Miles, Veteran Guitar Instructor

3:30 PM

4:15 PM

Kids wanna rock!
Play your first tune on a real guitar! Learn how to make notes sound loud and clear and get familiar with rhythm guitar techniques.


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Home Maintenance for New Homeowners

David Roth, Neighborhood Property Renovator

4:30 PM

This session is ideal for the first time home owner or those who want to learn more about the annual maintenance needs of your biggest investment, your house. The moderator will take you from the roof to the basement and everything in between to help organize and make sense of annual home maintenance needs. We will discuss the roof, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and basement/foundation requirements as well as some appliances. You will walk away with a calendar that will help ensure you are maintaining your investment properly for years to come.


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Learn Tea Brewing

Elizabeth Zappa, Tea Brewing Enthusiast

10:00 AM

Get your Herbalista on by learning to combine red, green and black teas with flowers/stems/herbs/citrus and more to create house blends you can sip anytime. This workshop will awaken your imagination and elevate the making and sipping of tea to an art form. You'll never look at a dried-out cut lemon or 'stale' fresh herbs the same way again! We'll discuss enough basic concepts to make blends that will pick you up, calm you down or simply become a refreshing refrigerator mainstay. A word of warning: there's so much to explore in the making of teas, you could easily become obsessed. I hope so!


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