Woodworking Workshop

Woodworking Workshop


Instruction By: Brice Blocker, A Rightful Manner Studio

Time: March 25th, 9:00am

Duration: 3 hours

This workshop is designed to give you an introductory course into furniture making, with a focus on traditional hand skills. Participants range from absolute beginners to more experienced woodworkers who want to improve their craftsmanship.

The workshop starts with instruction in the safe use of power tools such as the table saw, jointer, planer, and bandsaw. Through the lecture and demonstration, Brice will introduce skills such as lumber selection, milling, joinery, scraping, sanding, assembly, and finishing. He will offer extensive instruction in the sharpening, tuning, and use of planes, chisels, and other hand tools.

The small class size allows Brice to give each participant extensive individual guidance throughout.

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