Personalized Scavenger Hunt Workshop

Personalized Scavenger Hunt Workshop


Instruction By: Jay Carlson, ClueTown Books

Time: March 25th, 2:00pm

Duration: 90 minutes

Attendees of this workshop will assemble and personalize a puzzle scavenger hunt for their home to be solved by a friend or loved one. The puzzle pages are pre-designed, but you choose the order. to send a solver to a series of common household items (e.g. refrigerator, towel rack) with an endpoint that allows a personalized puzzle/message. The final product you take home will contain about 12 puzzles and require about 20 minutes to solve. Adults and children ages 12 and up are welcome to register for the class. Families are encouraged to register for this class together -- it's a great class for kids with adult supervision.  One class registration covers a family!

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