Many friends and neighbors have heard the buzz: Ormewood Park is ramping up for this spring’s Meet the Makers Festival. For some, the first question is, “What is a Maker?”

To “make” is to create, through cleverness and skilled hands, everything from handmade fashion and jewelry, to woodworking and blacksmithing, photography and fine art to food and music.

Every person who can make something is a Maker.

Whether you’re someone who can make something as simple as a Christmas tree ornament or someone who can blow glass or do blacksmithing, you’re considered a Maker. As football player Chris Williamson, a Maker himself, says:

“A maker is anyone that uses their abilities to create, whether it be mechanical, electrical, musical, visual or anything else. This world is full of things that were created by Makers. Without Makers, there would be no innovation and creation. That want of those things, and teaching myself how to make things in order to have them is the engine of everything I have achieved in my whole life up till now… It doesn’t matter what you make, and it doesn’t matter why. The importance is that you are making something.”

So, back to the original question: What is a Makers Festival?

A Makers Festival is an event that provides an opportunity for people to gather, connect as a community, and explore the processes of making. Makers can show off what they make and how they make it through displays, demonstrations, workshops and hands-on activities. Our festival will celebrate innovators, creators and designers, crafters, educators, tinkerers, food artisans, hobbyists, engineers and artists. Our Meet the Makers festival will be part arts festival, part crafts fair, and part something entirely new!

Why will you come?

Makers come to show their creations and share their learnings. Attendees find the inspiration to become Makers themselves. It is a platform for people who explore the magic of DIY.

Join us March 25, 2017 as the city's most creative people and their projects gather together to share, create and build.

How can you participate?

Interaction is the key to our festival’s success. Could you be, or do you know someone who could be, a Maker providing demonstrations, workshops, make-and- takes, presentations or other related activity?